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Friday, October 25, 2013


Hi, all!

After months of silence, I've decided to start doing a little bit of writing again, now with New and Improved format!

The last few months have been incredibly busy for me - lots of work-related tasks, and I've still been making Candlelight in my non-work hours (lunch counts as non-work). I've certainly missed writing, though, and am trying to find a way to work it back into my schedule. So, starting next week, I'll be back with new updates! I'm looking at a 3-day a week format:

-Tuesdays will be Dev day. I'll be discussing some aspect of games from the developer's perspective - either some insight I've seen about my own game's development, or something about design in general.

-Thursdays will be Other People's Games day. I'll be writing something about either a game I've been playing or a favorite game of mine. This might take the form of a review, or it might just be something pretty I enjoy and a couple reasons why. I'm always a dev, so I always think in a dev-y way, but I'll try to prioritize the gamer experience for this section.

-Saturdays will be Play day. I'll sit down with whatever game I've been playing and just livetweet the hell out of it. Just, whatever comes to mind. This will be more for fun, because games should be fun! I'll also be happy to answer questions or chat in general during this time. I'll try to make this happen at a set time each Saturday, or post the tweets on the blog for posterity, or both.

So! Expect posts, starting Tuesday. If you've got a game you'd like me to play, or talk about, or promote, let me know.

Looking forward to being back!

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